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Welcome to Post Tenebras Lux. This is a latin phrase used by the Reformers. It translates to: After Darkness Light! In our opinion, the Church has entered another “Dark Age” in which the light of Jesus Christ is once more hindered by the self seeking, rather than Christ glorifying, nature of the Church. In common parlance, the Church has lost the plot!

This site seeks to offer Biblical wisdom on many of the pressing issues of our day, whether they be Ecclesiastical, Political, or Cultural. So please look through our articles or go to the Articles Page and sign up to our email alerts so that you will be kept up to date with every new post.

The Reformers believed that God spoke through His Word and that He spoke on many topics. This was given expression in the term, “the Whole Counsel of God.” What we have seen in recent decades is a minimalist view of Scripture; a view which posits that Scripture has little to say and that when it does speak, it whispers.

Standing in the tradition of the Reformation, we hope, by God’s grace, to show that God speaks broadly and loudly (As Schaeffer said, HE is their and HE is NOT silent!); and that His Word is relevant, not only to our salvation, but also to our world and culture.

Our latest posts include:

Infused with PC and not JC. What happens when you use the wrong standard to measure something? Say you build a house. You send off measurements in inches and your builder thinks they are millimeters. Disaster!

What then of the Church? What happens when the Church of Christ Jesus measures Her mission, Her competence, and Her impact using the wrong standard?

Israel, Complacency and Disunity is a belated look at the Israel Falou affair and seeks to show how disunity and complacency within the Church led to a defeat.

The Love of Christ Constrains.

I am a Hater: A Godly Hater! Should Christians hate? We answer, Yes! Read here to see why.

The Gospel: What is it? seeks to show that there are aspects to The Gospel that have been dropped from sight in our day because they are unpopular. We urge that people grasp the full extent and meaning of The Gospel so that we are not guilty of peddling another gospel and therefore come under God’s judgement.

The Active Destruction of the Family looks at how Government initiatives are slowly but surely eroding and destroying the family as God created it. We are often distracted by other issues. These things either slip by or are sold to us under the guise of “service improvements” or some such. Yet, the result is that God’s family unit is attacked and undermined.

Controversial “Theo-” words: For a long time the World and sadly the Church have maligned and spurned the terms Theocracy and Theonomy. It is our contention that the remedy to our current afflictions is to be found in embracing both these terms, not in continuing to shun them. Indeed, the World will want nothing to do with them because they will be a source of conviction and consternation, but why is the modern Church so reluctant to embrace these terms? Does the Church also have a bad conscience?

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4.

The Death of Democracy: The name says it all!

Homosexuality: Rebellion Ignorance Death: Is just a further commentary on the current duplicity of those who push their radical agenda of homosexual acceptance under the guise love and charity when it is overtly rebellious and destructive.

Shepherding Shepherds is a multi-part series looking at Eldership with particular reference to Counselling. It was inspired after reading a Church magazine that spoke to some of the current issues. Whilst there was agreement at points with that article, it was felt that the author of that article had left the door open to an incipient and growing distrust of the Eldership by emphasing a need for secularly trained Counsellors. It is our hope that you may be blessed in reading these articles and that, whatever your background, you may come to love this office and its officers as God’s appointed means of governance in His Church. Shepherding Shepherds Part 2; Shepherding Shepherds Part 3; Shepherding Shepherds Part 4; Shepherding Shepherds Part 5; Shepherding Shepherds Part 6;Shepherding Shepherds Part 7; Shepherding Shepherds Part 8.

Of Revolving Prime Ministers and Moral Decay is a very brief critique of the political chaos that Australia is currently facing, highlighted by the dumping of yet another first term Prime Minister.

Nonsense in the Name of God is written in response to those who claim that Christianity and homosexuality are compatible. This article is not erudite as such. Using God’s law as the standard we note that murder, kidnapping, and homosexuality are all proscribed with the death penalty. From there we simply ask why homosexuality should be compatible with Christianity when these other crimes are not.

Catchphrases of Doom has been written to expose the deceit built into the homosexual lobby’s “Love is Love” campaign. They seek to justify their demands on the basis that they truly love each other. This article shows that this is a false and misleading standard.

Equality and Coercion highlights the fact that the two key mantras of Humanism, Religious Freedom and Equality, are irreconcilable. This point is made by highlighting the case of Barronelle Stutzman, a 70 year old, Christian florist, who is being sued for refusing to provide flowers for a ‘gay marriage’. So, we must ask, “Who has Religious Freedom if you are compelled or coerced to an action against God’s express command and your conscience?

The Hypocrisy of Humanism looks at the obvious double standards in our society, particularly in regard to Freedom of Speech. The article is in response to homosexual and atheist, Stephen Fry, being able to call God a “stupid maniac”, among other things, seemingly without repercussion. Thus we seek to highlight this hypocrisy. Also embedded in this article is a “war cry” for Christians to stop bowing so readily to the idols of Humanism

Homosexual Paranoia is a brief look at a couple of recent happenings that have been motivated by a perceived need to comply with homosexual propaganda. It shows how, very tragically, people have been brow-beaten into believing lies and acting upon lies. It is orchestrated coercion and nothing less.

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Praying in Difficult Times is an article in response to a readers question on prayer. We hope that it will encourage people, not only to pray in difficult times, but to pray difficult prayers. We admit that this is a limited attempt to highlight a few points on which volumes have been written. Nonetheless, our prayer is that it will benefit you in learning to pray and praying effectively (James 5:16).

SRI Religion v religion, is a short article that looks at a recent protest against having SRI (Special Religious Instruction) taught in Victorian schools. The point illustrated is that the protesters do not want to be rid of religious education, as such. They simply want their religion taught without challenge.

The Evangelism of Despair: This is a six part series that seeks to direct people to a more Biblical view on the topic of evangelism. The saving of sinners, as most would now define evangelism, holds pride of place in Christianity today as the essential and primary work of the Church. Much effort and many resources are being expended in pursuit of this goal. The question: Are our pursuits,  priorities, and methodology Biblical?  In this series we look at The Evangelism of Despair; The Tool of Despair; Sickness v Death; Proclamation v Invitation; and Preacher v Laity Part 1 and Part 2. This series was originally published on the Daniel 244 Blog page, but as that page seems as though it is to be discontinued, the articles have been re-posted here.

The High Court and Homosexuality looks at the  High Court decision in regard to the ACT’s (Australian Capital Territory) attempt to legalise homosexual union. This piece looks at the flawed logic of the Court as it attempts to give reasons for its decision. We seek to awaken people to the inherent dangers displayed in that reasoning. In short, the Court has said that marriage can be anything the government wills to make it. Furthermore, they opened the door to both plurality and homosexuality. In other words, many people of any sex could could form a legitimate marriage if the government so legislated. This decision contains pure evil direct from the pit. Please read. Please be forewarned and forearmed.

Programme or Belief is a series that seeks to examine the exact reason that the Church of today is impotent in so many areas. Have you noted that in recent decades the Church has become a “programme” junkie. There always seems to be one new programme that will fix everything. Is this approach Biblical?

In this series we posit that we need to recapture a positive and Biblical worldview that begins with the exaltation of God in His worship. Therefore, we conclude, simply, that it is time to believe God in the revelation of Jesus Christ and do as He commands.

Belief in God’s Revelation (Pt 2); Sola Scriptura (Pt 3)Man’s Priority (Pt 4)Your Sunday Best (Pt 5)Choose Belief (Pt 6)

Of Problematic Preferences is a short article that looks at the fact that our Preferential Voting system skews the result of elections. In all other races, we accept that “first past the post” wins. Why not with an election?

Losing my Religion 2  takes a look at a comment by Benny U, of ABBA fame, in regard to “religion” and his desire that Humanism become the norm.

Losing my Religion is a look at the common misconception that people can exist without a religion or a set of fundamental beliefs that dictate how a person will live. The article was sparked by a news piece that stated that Britons were now less religious. We argue that they may have swapped their religion rather than being devoid of religion.

The War of Meaningless Words is a three part article that looks at the impact of Secularism’s use of non-terms and stigmatised language in order to batter their opponents into submission. Part 1, gives a general introduction to this topic and outlines some important issues. Part 2, looks at examples of how the Secularists use intimidation and shame to dismiss their opposition. Part 3, is in essence, a “call to war”. It is a plea that Christians arm themselves so as to cease the process of capitulation.

Abbott and Costello examines the claim by Tony Abbott that Homosexual Union is not an important issue at this election. We take the opposite view. For our reasons why, please read the article.

Murder and Monogamy: Lessons in Presuppositions is an article that deals with worldviews and presuppositions. To do this it critically examines a recent news article that claims that primates — that’s us — developed monogamous relationships to stop the common practice of infanticide. The news article referenced, evidences the scientific community’s belief that evolution is the only worldview that adequately explains man’s origins. Of course, we dispute this and have sought to show how evolution fails as a worldview.

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child was written in response to the recent call by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians to ban smacking. This article presents a Biblical case from using the rod, but it also examines trends within our culture as well as instances of Government inaction, which together show that such a call is ludicrous. Simply stated, such a call runs contrary to all available evidence.

Agnostic Confusion is a short article inspired by the viewing of a sign on a recent trip to Adelaide.

Praying in Difficult Times is a response to a request for some guidance as to how to pray in these difficult (political) times. The response was placed here in the hope that it may help others. This is not an “in-depth — all there is to say” reply. It is a summary of some basics which we hope will help Christians to both pray and pray courageously.

On Being “Born That Way” is a short piece looking at the claim that homosexuals are “born that way” and that it is not a matter of choice.

Death — The New Panacea, is a look at the link between the state of despair brought about by the ideology of Evolution and youth suicide. Basically, evolution has no answer to any problem except death.

Of Designer Babies and Murderous Acts, is a look at the monster born by the demand of the individual to have the right of choice. Seemingly an innocent desire we now see that it has led to the exact spot many predicted — death!

Racism, is an attempt to outline a few principles that may help guide Christians through this issue. Like much in the world of PC, this term is thrown around without definition and therefore without meaning. As such, it causes confusion.

AA is a critique of America’s failure to learn the obvious lessons that God is teaching. This article looks at a statement written on the occasion of 9/11 and shows that America is still as arrogant today as it was then. America and its people need humility before God. Not political rhetoric!

Dispelling Darkness is a wake-up call to Christians. The article explores the fact that we are, by virtue of our new nature, light bearers. So the question is pointedly asked, If the world is dark, why are we not shinning?

Marriage is Life, takes a look at God’s design for marriage in light of the constant demand that homosexuals be given the right to marry. It shows that man was made male and female and that marriage can only truly take place when these elements are present. See also Marriage is Life: AP Version.

Of Purity and Leaven, is a call for Christians to consider the necessity of a pure life. Leaven ruins and compromises. Purity alone finds blessing.

Of Firearms, Firewalls, and Stonewalls, takes a look at the issue of Firearms in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Reformers Reforming, is a call for us to return to the practice of the Reformers. In particular it is a call to Reform the modern Church by and in accord with the Word of God.

Of Immorality and Back Doors, takes a look at how lies and deception have made their way into society. More importantly, the article tries to highlight how lies and deception have become common place in the political sphere. What will our society become when politicians not only lie, but are expected to lie?

Leadership: A Reflection of the People, is a serious look at the electorate. We often complain about the politicians and their questionable decisions. However, do we ever stop to ask, Has God given us the leaders our sins deserve?

Of Land Rights and Fleas on Dogs, hopes to add a Biblical perspective to the “Land Rights” issue in this country following the Parliamentary decision to recognise the Aboriginal peoples as the “traditional owners” and “first inhabitants” of this land. We hope it is challenging and enlightening.

The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil, is a quick look at the issues raised by the recent saga of “drugs in sport”. It looks at how money is sport has become the source of many problems.

Anti-discrimination + Equality + Political Correctness = Cultural Insanity, is an article on … well, pretty much what it says! It arose as a result of happenings in the media, which simply show the absurdity of our current state.

Lines in the Sand, is written to show how Christians are being bombarded daily with demands to conform the the “World’s” agenda. It is a plea for Christians to halt the slide by takings a stand.

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