Welcome to Reformation Ministries. Here it is my hope that you will find articles that will help to build your faith in Jesus Christ with the result that greater obedience may result. Many of these articles will be challenging as they disavow many of the modern trends. However, rather than just saying that “this” or “that” is wrong, I seek to show both the error and the remedy from God’s word, which the Westminster Shorter Catechism rightly calls our only rule for life and faith.

Therefore, I seek to engage the philosophy of the World with the doctrines of the Christian Church. I am concerned that the World has made too many inroads into the Church and that the Church has therefore been led away from her true task. The Church’s task is to seek purity and holiness in every area of life as directed by God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

I simply seek to aid my brothers and sisters in Christ, by God’s grace, through an education process which proclaims and declares the truth of God’s Word. I seek this end by removing the great Christian doctrines from the ethereal and ivory towers, in which they seem to have been incarcerated, and apply them to everyday life.

Such doctrines I believe to be adequately encapsulated within the great Reformed Creeds, such as, The Westminster Confession, The Westminster Catechisms, The Canons of Dordt, The Belgic Confession, and The Heidelberg Catechism.

May God be pleased to equip us in this age for the task of glorifying Jesus.